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I engaged contractors recently who used the Guarda Edge Power Cutter to cut some openings through some brick wall. Never have we experienced such and efficient cutting machine. It was safe, it was clean, it was fast. It saved us so much time and our customer was so pleased. Certainly, industries best practise.



I have been involved in the construction industry doing new builds and renovations as a carpenter and project manager for 50 years. Never have I come across such an innovative product for cutting walls and concrete that makes such a difference to the safety and cleanliness as the EDGE power cutter. The benefits I experienced;
  1. It is powerful and fast.
  2. There are no hazardous fumes, no dust, and minimal slurry.
  3. Because the Guarda Edge is so clean we did more cutting to make removal of rubble super easy.
  4. Normally when cutting there is a lot of dust or slurry requiring lots of planning and time to both isolate the work zone and in cleaning up. Now there was virtually nothing.
  5. Normally I would have to make sure there was adequate power “if the contractor was using high frequency equipment or dry cutting equipment with vacuums.” Now all that was needed was a normal 10amp power supply.
So when using a contractor using the Guarda Edge Saw I could;
  1. Complete the job safely,
  2. Save lots of prep time, lots of job time and lots of cleanup time,
  3. provide a top service to my customer.
This machine is shit hot and should become industry standard for indoor cutting. “



I engaged Guarda Systems to cut 12 metres of brick wall for me. I believe it was the first time the new Guarda Edge Powercutter and Vacuum Generator was used to cut an internal wall inside a finished home.

I was very impressed with both the speed and the cleanliness of the cut. No Dust. No mud. No fumes. In fact, very little mess at all.

One of the cuts was right along the edge of an existing metal door frame. Even this cut was amazingly accurate and clean.

Using Guarda Systems to complete the internal wall cuts made my job so much easier and left a great impression for my client.